The Alabama Peace Officers’ Association (APOA) is the grandfather of law enforcement organizations in the State of Alabama being organized in 1933.  At that time, the APOA was known as “The Alabama Sheriffs’ and Peace Officers’ Association.”  In 1967, this Association became known as “The Alabama Peace Officers’ Association” incorporating all levels of law enforcement within the State of Alabama.

The APOA is comprised of over 4,000  members who strive for excellence and quality concerning the level of law enforcement provided to the public. Well-equipped Peace Officers are efficient in the execution of their duties.  It is to this objective that the APOA devotes its efforts.

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The Alabama Police Officers Association is comprised of certified law enforcement professionals who are sworn to support and defend the Constitutions of both the United States and the State of Alabama.

We are dedicated to:

  • Preserving the peace and dignity of the people of Alabama
  • Enhancing the efficiency and professionalism of and the public confidence in our members
  • Improving the quality of our members through enhanced selection and education of our members
  • Improving the working conditions of our members
  • Improving the uniform application of the Civil Service system for meritorious appointment and promotion of qualified members, where applicable
  • Sponsoring and supporting legislation to enhance public safety
  • Fostering a sense of duty, cooperation and community among our members

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Just making his rounds
Somewhere in a lower part of town;
A dark old building,
A dim light, a door opened was found;
No one else was needed,
He’d make all safe and sound;
He closed the door,
Checked the windows, slowly turns around;
One shot, then two,
Officer Down
— Karen Graydon