The Alabama Peace Officers’ Association (APOA) is the grandfather of law enforcement organizations in the State of Alabama being organized in 1933.  At that time, the APOA was known as “The Alabama Sheriffs’ and Peace Officers’ Association.”  In 1967, this Association became known as “The Alabama Peace Officers’ Association” incorporating all levels of law enforcement within the State of Alabama.

The APOA is comprised of over 4,000  members who strive for excellence and quality concerning the level of law enforcement provided to the public. Well-equipped Peace Officers are efficient in the execution of their duties.  It is to this objective that the APOA devotes its efforts.

One of the avenues of providing excellent quality law enforcement is through continuing education.  The APOA sponsors training sessions throughout the State of Alabama concerning matters of interest to its membership.  The APOA believes that by providing this extended training in various locations, peace officers who might not otherwise receive valuable, up-to-date law enforcement information, may receive facts early enough to be of service.  These courses are usually one day of training equaling six (6) P.O.S.T. hours of continuing education.  This facet of the APOA has received a very positive response.

Another form of education from the public standpoint is the annual APOA 8th Grade essay contest:  “Why I Will Say No to Alcohol and Drugs.”  Hundreds of essays from 8th graders throughout the state are received in February of each year.  A committee of APOA members reviews each essay and, usually with much difficulty, selects the best four from the Northern District of Alabama and best four from the Southern District.  A Board Member in each winner’s district then proudly presents the 8th grader a check for $300.00, $200.00, $125.00, or $75.00, depending on placement. Also, the teacher of the 1st place student receives $100 to be used for classroom supplies. The efforts of each essay entrant involve much time and research with assistance from teachers and parents.  Participation in this contest is educational as well as financially rewarding.

This Association issues a semi-annual publication called The Journal. It provides the law enforcement professional news ranging from available seminars to new court decisions.  Articles from line officers bring forth experiences from their vantage point.  The Journal has proven to be a most valuable source of information and education for many in the law enforcement profession.
This Association is active in the legislative process.  The APOA is diligent in pursuing the belief that good laws make good Law Enforcement Professionals.  This Association is very persistent in its efforts to make new laws available to Law Enforcement Agencies as they are passed. Many departments rely on the Association to provide this information in a timely manner.

A final note about the Association is the death benefits available to law enforcement members.  In the event of a member’s death, the beneficiary receives $500.00 for any cause of death; or a $10,000.00 benefit if the member is killed in the line of duty.*  All these benefits are available at the low cost of $20.00 per year for active law enforcement personnel.

Non-law enforcement individuals, (associate members) who have a strong interest in law enforcement and desire to support those who put their lives on the line for the public, may also become members.  The cost is the same, $20.00 per year; however, death benefits are not available to Associate Members.

Questions? To learn more about us, call us at 1-800-436-5719.  E-mail: [email protected].

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